How Wireless Security Camera Is Better Than Wired Security Camera

Published: Apr 07, 2014 at 21:00 UTC
How Wireless Security Camera Is Better Than Wired Security Camera

In this post, we shall enlighten how a wireless security camera is different and better than traditional wired security cameras.

Security cameras really create a great peace of mind for many of us. Having installed these security gadgets in your home or office, you are instantly alert as soon as something happens so you can catch doer or criminal in their ways. Many people would like to have a wireless security camera that allows them monitor from wherever they are. You can also benefit from several latest services provided by these security tools allowing you remotely view your cameras from anywhere using any devices with Internet facility such as laptop, computer, iPhone or smart phone. Nothing could be more convenient than having a facility to check in your home when you are afar from your city or even country on your iPhone.

The Wireless Vs The Wired

A wireless security camera is to make sure that your house is safe and if a theft were to happen, a suspect can be trapped through the video recording. As a homeowner, you should know the worth of your assets when paying money for different products. Wired and wireless are two different types of security devices available these days when it comes to protecting your family and your possession. Let’s find out which form makes the best and most suitable security for every homeowner out there.


The wired security cameras need various cables and wires to install a security system over a dwelling whereas a wireless security camera is usually small, convenient and simple to set up. This feature makes it easier to conceal it from unwanted people as well. Seeing as there is a jumble of wiring involved with the setting up, a wired camera may cause danger or a feeling of untidy look to the dwelling. On the other hand, a wireless security camera is off the hook from these formalities and offers a great peace of mine with the ease and capacity of concealment.


No matter, what tool you use, simpler and faster installation always does matter. Wired security cameras involve professional installation which requires you pay extra money for hiring them while a wireless security camera brings you the best alternative. In addition, wired cameras prohibit you to change its position while the wireless can be placed and replaced at any location at lesser cost. The only thing is that you need to keep it within range of a wireless receiver and it’ll start working.


Every security system must not allow anyone manipulating it and let it just do as it wishes. The only major benefit of a wired security camera is that it is at less risk to any interfering of the signal. While a wireless security camera has loads of frequencies where a signal interruption might trigger the feed to be blurred or absolute audio lose. Therefore, wireless cameras are not something you need if you would like to hear a full conversation during a mishap.


Wired cameras are found to be costlier than wireless. Cables, wires and getting professionals to set up the system call for paying lots of money while a wireless security camera is characteristically low in cost, and contains simple and trouble-free installation.

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