Wireless Security System Reduces Burglary Concerns for Singles

Published: May 14, 2014 at 12:05 UTC
How a Wireless Security System Reduces Burglary Concerns for Singles

If you live by yourself, or have a partner who stays with you on an irregular basis, then you have safety issues that differ from regular households. When you are a single person, you do not have the luxury of protection that is afforded to those living with family or friends, where there is a much greater incidence of occupants coming and going throughout the course of the day. What this means for you is that your home or dwelling is at much greater risk of being exposed to burglary. In this article, we address the security problems that pertain to your specific situation, and discuss why a wireless security system is the perfect solution for singles security and safety concerns.

Understanding the single living scene

You are no doubt aware that the single life is very often significantly different to that of families and those living in a committed and permanent partnership arrangement. Your needs differ and you tend to set up base in an area that is directly convenient to your interests based on age, personality, cost and study and job requirements. Younger singles tend to live closer to the city because of its engaging social scene, while it’s not uncommon for older, more established singles to occupy suburban areas that are in closer proximity to family, friends and nearby shopping establishments. Whilst some singles like living in houses, there is typically a preference for apartment dwelling which caters to singles living by way of location, size and affordability.

Single living concerns

This may not come as a great surprise to you, but it is worth stating the point; single person dwellings are at greater risk of being burgled. In a series of reports for crime reduction that were released by the U.S Department of Justice, the study into the burglary of single-family homes revealed that this type of residency specifically is at high risk. Whilst crime figures change yearly, the report highlighted that burglary in itself is the second highest of all reported crimes in the United States. Even more disturbing is that as many as half of the burglaries that occur are never reported. It was also noted that campaigns and organized co-operations have little impact on stopping this type of crime. This means that if your local community has a Neighborhood Watch program in place, it will have little if any success in reducing or stopping home invasion.

Singles make easy targets

Like it or not, if you live alone then you are a potential target for burglary. Most thieves will target dwellings that have a predictable pattern of vacancy during the day. As a single occupant, when you leave your home, there is no other resident to deter criminals from entering. It also makes sense that singles have less furniture than multi-tenanted properties, therefore it is a burglar’s dream to quickly identify items of interest without the need to waste time searching multiple rooms for the nicest objects. Singles also tend to own valuables that are smaller in size and easy to remove. This is certainly applicable to many of you who live in buildings that are not sufficiently secured from the exterior. Multi-apartment premises often have several different points of possible entry, and you are relying on other owners or renters within your block to contribute to your safety by preventing access to unknown outsiders.

The security solution for singles

Owning a gun is not the answer. Nor will a sizable knife discourage intrusion to your home when you are not there. If anything, you are likely to return to find these things stolen. In many instances, it is impractical or impossible for you to accommodate a dog as a deterrent, and placing bars on windows and doors may not be allowed by your strata or landlord, as well they devalue the property by screaming ‘high theft area’ to future potential buyers. There is, however, one option that is both practical and sensible for you as a single to secure your space in your absence, as well as your safety when you are home alone. That option is to install an alarm in the form of a wireless security system.

The wireless security system for singles

Whether you own your home or are simply renting, a wireless security system is the perfect means by which to minimize the likelihood that your place will be burgled. Wireless security system is ideal for single residence homes because they are the least intrusive type of alarm, yet extremely effective for keeping it safe. As the name suggests, the alarm unit is wireless, therefore you do not need to concern yourself with drilling holes in walls or installing all kinds of loose cords. If you rent, you have no need to obtain permission from landlords because you are not making any changes to the structure of the property. You can install the system yourself without future maintenance concerns, and ‘wireless’ means portable, so you can take it with you if you need to relocate elsewhere. You can upgrade them as necessary from any wireless security provider, and you can have it cover as little or as many entry points that you deem necessary.

Wireless security provides all access monitoring

A wireless security system contains the same features that a standard wired system provides, but it does it on a much more efficient basis. Many singles communicate using smartphone technology, thereby eliminating the need for a home landline. If you can relate to this, then you will be pleased to know that wireless security system allows you to access and monitor your home directly from your mobile phone or tablet. The system runs off of high-powered batteries, and can notify you by text message if at some point they need replacing. You have budget package options available, so you can choose from basic alarm coverage through to the full suite of motion sensor and video monitors. Again, wireless offers you complete remote access for monitoring your home. Of course, you can also engage the services of professional monitoring services through your control pad. All you need is cellular service, and you are completely covered.

Your excuses have been eliminated

If you knew little about home security or thought that your current living arrangements were not conducive to installing a system, a wireless security system is just the perfect solution for singles. Obviously, anyone in any circumstance can make use of a wireless alarm system, but for those who live alone or change places regularly, a wireless security system will ensure that you regain control over what happens to your valuables.

Don’t know where to start?

We made it easy for you! Please start right here by reading our expert reviews for the best wireless security system providers in the country. After you have read our expert reviews and still need more information, you can head over to our side by side feature comparison table which will surely help you to decide the right provider for your security needs.

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