Wireless Security System for Stay Home Moms

Published: May 18, 2014 at 12:05 UTC
Wireless Security System for Stay Home Moms

It’s a frightening thought that someone could be stalking your house, watching your movements and making plans to invade your home at a time when it is at its most vulnerable.

Whilst it’s true that most burglaries occur during the day when people are away, there is a certain element of criminal that is so desperate that they will enter your home even when you are there. This is most likely to occur when the person at home is a young mother who has an initial reaction to protect her child from the intruder.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, once a deviant character enters your home, you are at that person’s mercy to not do you any harm. As threatening as this scenario sounds, it is one that can never be ruled out if you have not adequately protected your property. For this reason, we recommend that you consider a wireless security system for stay home moms.

The purpose of a home invasion

A home invasion has a much more sinister intent than when someone enters simply for the purpose of stealing a few valuable items. When someone invades your home, it means that they do so with the desire to do harm to anyone that interrupts them or gets in their way. The people most commonly at risk when this occurs are stay home moms. If you are at home most of the time tending to your child or ‘soon-to-be-born’, then this is a risk that you need to consider. Some home invasion efforts will be random and dangerous, while others will be more calculated, with the offender posing as a door-knocker hoping to catch you off-guard. The purpose could be to rob you, or it could be much worse resulting in acts of trauma or fatal injury to you, simply for being home at the wrong time.

How intruders enter your home

Not all criminals are brazen enough to face you at the front door. Stay at home moms are busy people and if you are one or know one, then you will be well aware of the multitasking that happens during the day. At any point in time there may be an unlocked door or an open window from cleaning or hanging out the washing. There may be a gate open from taking a delivery or walking a dog, or there may be ladders in the yard from maintenance that is happening to the house. Each of these innocent situations provide points of access that can be taken advantage of by unsavory people. You are also more likely to be attacked in your own home if you live close to laneways, next to high traffic walkways, across from parks or if your property backs on to bush land. Any vicinity in which the criminal determines that a fast exit is possible is prime target for invasion. If you are a stay at home that lives at these landmarks, then you really need to start considering the best means for your protection.

Security tips for stay home moms

There are several things that you can do to increase your level of protection if you are a busy stay at home mom. These ‘secondary’ measures include removing all keys from the front of your house, locking bedroom doors if you sleep, and ensuring that you don’t leave notes on the front door for expected daytime deliveries. You also need to be careful of what you share on social media about being alone at home, never allow unexpected or unidentified persons inside, have double locks on your entry doors, and limit your window openings to a minimum at which level they should still be lockable. You would be wise also to keep your garage door closed and your cell phone nearby at all times. If you truly wish to ensure the highest level of defense for yourself however, then the best way to do this is to install a monitored wireless security system.

Wireless security system for stay home moms

Imagine having complete peace of mind, knowing without a doubt that you are safe within the confines of your own home. This feeling is both priceless and necessary for stay at home moms. With a wireless security system, you are afforded this level of comfort and confidence and you can have it all from the convenience of your cell phone at any time of the day. A wireless security system for stay home moms offers protection on many levels, allowing you to select those which meet your needs the most. Your first level of priority however, should be the intruder alert system. With a wireless alarm, you can monitor doors and windows to cover off all access points that an intruder would use for entry. Motion sensors will alert you to any unexpected movement in the place, and you can set the device so that it can distinguish between an intruder and the movement of a household pet.

Complete wireless home security monitoring

Wireless security systems provide you with remote access so that you can monitor your home regardless of your location. Whether in a baby’s room, the backyard, or a quick dash to the supermarket, your cellular-driven security system is on call for you every second of the day. At any time, you can upgrade with additional features that include medical, fire and flooding alerts which are invaluable for emergencies unrelated to attempted break-ins. You can install broken glass sensors, garage door sensors, sirens, panic buttons, and even an intercom system if required. The level of protection that you install is in your hands. You have the added guarantee with wireless that even if your power lines are cut, your security remains assured with your system which is driven by batteries rather than electricity. This means that even if you experience a blackout, there will not be an intruder that can penetrate your domain with you knowing about it. Of course, you also have the option for professional security monitoring, in which case the authorities will be alerted to any security concern without you having to call anyone.

The best home security for moms

It is important that you make use of all security options to prevent intruders from invading your home. However, a wireless security system for stay at home moms is the best option for ensuring your safety during the day when you are home tending to new or young family members.

Which system is the best one?

We have the best ones reviewed for you! You can start right here and read our expert reviews for the top 5 security companies in the United States. Our feature comparison table comes in handy if you need to compare the features for each of the companies before your final decision.

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