Do-it-Yourself Wireless Security Systems

Published: Mar 21, 2014 at 03:12 UTC
Do-it-Yourself Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are the rage nowadays for protecting homes and offices because of their easy installation and convenience.

Protecting your home is of the utmost importance since it likely contains the people and things that you prize most of all. The concept of security systems was introduced to enable people to safeguard their homes against outside threats such as burglary and kidnapping. They can provide security to people and help them in sleeping in peace at night or leaving home without worrying about what will happen. Wireless security systems have become quite well-known nowadays as they can be used for providing protection to a house, condominium and apartment with ease. The beauty of these systems lies in the fact that they are fairly easy to install and convenient and do not require any expertise. This means that if individuals are able to program their DVD player, TV, remote controls or other devices, they will have no trouble in configuring and setting up wireless security systems either.


Firstly, when the installation process has to be started, people need to decide where they want the sensors so that they will be able to figure out the kind of sensors the number that will be needed. For instance, it is necessary to get windows and door sensors for every access point of the house. Usually, motion sensors are used in larger spaces like living rooms where intruders will either come to get valuables or will pass to get to another room. The wireless security systems can be purchased when individuals know the number and kind of components they need.

Installation of Control Panel:

People need to decide where they want the control panel to be installed. The place should be such that it’s easily accessible and the panel can be seen and checked frequently. Also, the panel should be near a power outlet or phone, but not near any electrical devices as it causes interference. Individuals should also make sure that the power outlet is not controlled by any light switch as it can be turned off accidentally. Before the control panel is installed in its location, the other components and sensors should be placed at the desired location. They should be tested for checking if they are in range and working properly. The battery backup should be inserted into the panel, plugged into a wall and then plugged into the phone jack with the supplied cord. The panel can be screwed in place if its working perfectly or else the position should be changed.

Sensors Installation:

The door and window sensors should be installed, which are available in three parts. A transmitter is attached to the outer edge of a window or door and a small wire goes to it. The magnetic switch and transmitter will line up when the window is shut. When the window is opened, the wireless security systems will automatically alert the owner. Motion sensors should be installed about six to seven feet above the floor. Place it in a way that no one will move towards the sensor. The battery should be installed and a zone should be assigned that corresponds with the control panel. The sensitivity of the sensors should also be tested and any adjustments should be made accordingly. The wireless security systems will then be ready to safeguard homes.

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