Are Wireless Security Systems Better Than Hard Wired Security Systems?

Published: Jun 05, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Are Wireless Security Systems Better Than Hard Wired Security Systems?

Different people have different choices and preferences so the matter of which security system is better can be quite subjective. However, wireless security systems are easy to install, reliable and more practical in terms of their value in future.

Anyone aware of his surroundings knows that our world is moving towards wireless technology quite rapidly. Just a decade ago we didn’t have that many mobile phones in the world and now we get to see some dazzling statistics that an average person in United States owns 3 mobile phones. Our electronic markets are filled with tablets, laptops and smartphones. All of these things are working on wireless technology. If you didn’t know there are some mobile phones that can be charged wirelessly too. In short, as we move into a world without wires, wireless security systems will become more and more valuable whereas the old hard wired security systems will finally lose their value.

The Installation Of Security System

Installation of wireless security systems is the major cause why millions of homeowners have preferred to quit their old hard wired security systems. Hard wired security systems require an intricate installation procedure in which many wires have to pass through the walls. Installers make holes in the walls and the end result is unsightly walls and long wires spread all around the house. Wireless security systems are installed without wires and the only thing that you notice easily is keypad control unit on the wall. The whole setup requires no wires and sensors are so hidden from the view that intruders never get to see them.

The Problem Of Shifting And Relocating

Hard wired security systems did not allow easy relocation and shifting. If you had to move to a new house you had to pull all the wires out of the walls yourself or call professionals and pay them again to do that work. Now when you reached your new house you had to call the installers again to dig some more holes, make some more openings in the walls and spread some more wires around the house. You require absolutely nothing of that sort when you are dealing with wireless security systems. Get a bag, put your wireless sensors in the bag, dismount the control unit and take things with you to the new location.

The Issue Of Personal Residence

How high are the chances that the owner of your building will allow you to have the walls of his house opened and drilled for the installation of a security system? This is going to bring the value of his house down if he wishes to sell it in future or rent it out to some other family. Chances are that your landlord will not allow this to happen. With wireless security systems you don’t even have to bother the owner of your building. Even if you call for the professional installers you don’t have to pay them a lot because they don’t have to do the labor work if drilling holes in the walls and passing wires through them.

The Matter Of Reliability

Wireless security systems are more reliable now because wireless technology has improved a great deal in the last few years. Most of the wireless security systems using the cellular technology to operate require very little signals to operate so even if you have very weak signals in your house, the wireless system will likely work. Power outage is not a problem too since most sensors are battery powered so when there is no power the sensors will still work. As technology gets better these systems will become even more reliable whereas you don’t see a lot of work being done on the hard wired technology today.


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