Wireless Smoke Detectors and Their Unique Features

Published: Apr 06, 2014 at 03:00 UTC
Wireless Smoke Detectors and Their Unique Features

Like many technological advances today, smoke alarms are now going wireless. This post will discuss why wireless smoke detectors provide the best security to every home.

You see it everywhere. Wireless this and wireless that! And now, wireless smoke detectors are the future of securing your home and family against the dangerous effects of fire and smoke.

How Does The Wireless Smoke Detector Work? :

It is simple and smart. Wireless smoke detectors make installing safety against fires easy. Obviously, since they are wireless, these devices can be mounted anywhere in the home or office. They work by using radio frequencies to connect to one another, which is the main benefit. When one detector finds smoke, it immediately notifies the others. As long as the wireless smoke detectors are tuned to the same frequency, the entire home is protected from even one room with smoke inside.

The Added Advantage of Wireless Smoke Detectors:

Obviously, the interconnectivity of wireless smoke detectors makes them the newest trend in home safety. No longer will families need to worry about sleeping through a fire alarm. These wireless smoke detector systems often have special features that yell warnings like, “Danger, Fire, Wake up!” When there is a fire anywhere in the home or business, these warnings will sound throughout the entire building. Complete safety is practically certain. In addition, wireless smoke detection systems are not only easy to install, but simple to maintain as well. Because you choose the location of the wireless detector, you can easily reach it again when batteries need to be checked or replaced. Most wireless smoke detectors run on 9-volt battery power. So, again, upkeep is simple and inexpensive.

What You Should Know When Choosing a Wireless Smoke Detector

When it comes to any important home purchase, cost is usually the biggest concern. Depending on if you decide to go inexpensive or not, one thing to consider about smoke detectors is their sensitivity. If the device you pick is in the cheaper range it may be more likely to sound a false alarm when danger isn’t necessarily an issue, such as while you are cooking or showering. If you cook often, this could pose a problem to everyday use in the kitchen. A solution would be to shop for a wireless smoke detector that has photoelectric features. Photoelectric wireless smoke detectors measure more accurately for “smoldering” fires, whereas most devices are generally more reactive to flaming fires that produce more smoke. Basically, depending on your lifestyle, smoke wireless detectors have new and unique features to cater to any home or office.

Wireless Smoke Detectors Can Be In Any Home

The most basic wireless smoke detector found for the general family is the Kidde battery operated alarm. Found at any hardware or home store, it runs inexpensive at around $35 and has all the features of a good wireless detector. Most importantly, it comes with a ten year limited warranty. So, safety through this wireless smoke detector is long lasting. Because of the functionality and ease of the wireless smoke detector, consumers for both home and business can ensure safety and peace of mind by purchasing this device. Cost for a decent wireless smoke detector is small compared to the protection that is offered.

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