Wireless Smoke Detectors – Uses and Advantages

Published: Apr 06, 2014 at 09:00 UTC
Wireless Smoke Detectors – Uses and Advantages

Modern technology has enabled us to be safe from hazardous accidents and even prevent them. In this article, let’s discuss how wireless smoke detectors made our homes a safer place.

The Planet earth was never this safe before. With the new inventions such as the wireless smoke detectors, a safe and secure life is no more a farfetched picture. A few years ago, it was not this common mainly because of its expensiveness. But with the passing time and increased demand, many people can now afford the wireless smoke detectors which are far less expensive than paying for wires to be drilled inside the walls for a wired smoke detector.

Advantages of Wireless Smoke Detectors

Linked Smoke Detectors

Wireless smoke detectors are inter-linked. This means that if there are 10 smoke detectors within a house and one of them goes off, the other 9 will also set off warning inside the house to leave and run to safety. This is a good rule regulated by the government. If only the effected wireless smoke detector went off, people in the other parts of the house had no chance of knowing that a fire has started unless and until the smoke spread to the rooms with other smoke detectors.

Suitable Alarm Warning

In a study it was found out that children who are sleeping and some old age adults with hearing loss especially might not be able to hear the loud alarm when it sets off. Children are usually deep sleepers than adults, so it was decided that a suitable normal volume alarm will be set on these wireless alarm detector so that sleeping children and aged adults would be able to hear an alarm when it sets off.

Simple Installation

Installing a wireless smoke detector is an easy and simple task. As no holes have to be drilled in the walls for wires. It is comparatively cheap and hassle free. Being wireless makes it portable. And owners can install it within their homes with ease by themselves.

Battery Powered

Wireless smoke detectors work on battery. This means that even if there is a power failure, your smoke detectors will work in case something happens. With the wired smoke detectors technology, which worked on electricity, there was no chance of knowing if anything happened, due to a power cut. This is the safest technology ever offered.

Disadvantages of Using Wireless Smoke Detectors

Battery Might Die

Being battery powered is an advantage as well as disadvantage of a wireless smoke detector. The battery will die sooner or later and the owner might not have any idea about it. Due to this reason some new detectors have a feature in them through which owners will be warned that the battery is low; it should be replaced or charged. Owners should keep an eye on their batteries and should replace them when the need arises.

It May Not Contact the Fire Department

Some wireless smoke detectors only have the option of warning the residents of the house of a fire through an alarm; these detectors do not have any features, which automatically contact the fire department. This task has to be manually done by the owner. However, some detectors might have this feature.


On and all, wireless smoke detectors are a must have facility everybody deserves to have in order to live a safe and peaceful life.


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