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Why choose a wireless security system instead of a hardwired system?

Did you know the legacy landline phone service will stop working eventually? Even if it still continues to work for another decade, the fact is that the big telephone companies will not continue to pay to keep up an aging copper wireline network.

This simply means, the aging wireline service is kept at the minimum quality level required by the regulators and this is causing a lot of quality of service issues all around the country already.

The majority of the big telephone companies investments are directed towards the wireless infrastructure and billions of dollars are spent every year to improve the wireless service infrastructure to make it more reliable, faster, available to everyone and the number one choice for everyone. These alone should make your choice very clear to choose a wireless security system over an aging hardwired security system. Think as well the cost savings if you rent and you keep changing places. But that’s not all of it; wireless security systems have numerous advantages over traditional hardwired systems. For example, a hardwired system requires a cable to each and every component. On the other hand, a wireless system operates wirelessly which means it will communicate through radio signals which means you can add new components to system or just relocate any component without worrying about drilling holes and destroying aesthetics of your house or apartment just to provide an additional wire for the component.

Choose wisely, wireless security system over an aging hardwired security system.