DIY Installed and Self-Monitored

There are a couple of companies offering home installation security camera kits that allow you to self-monitor your home.

Of these, the best is Dropcam by Nest which is a Google owned product and service.

Because Google has such an important reputation for quality, the company’s venture into security systems division must maintain that reputation.

  • Google has the manpower, knowledge and skillsets to upgrade the features and offer you free Cloud storage for the product.
  • Google prides itself on providing excellent customer service and quality products
  • For 2015, they have made the picture quality of the Dropcam Pro even better than ever before
  • And, added features that can be customized by the customer
  • Support is available for any questions 24/7
  • According to actual buyers (per Amazon Reviews), getting a defective product replaced is done quickly, easily and without argument

There are how-to videos available on YouTube to show you how to set up and operate the Dropcam product.

One of the newest upgrades is customizing activity zones. Even if you have an older model Dropcam, the upgrade will be available on your system, too.

Because wireless systems are so tiny now, you can hide the cameras inside or behind other everyday items found in a home without intruders realizing that they are being watched.

The video below shows how to set it up in as part of the potted plant system:

If you want to mount your Dropcam on the exterior of your home, but you don’t want people to know it’s there, here is one idea for making it look like something else:

There are also Dropcam cases available for mounting your Dropcam outside your home.

There are several options such as long arms that can be swiveled in multiple directions and protective housings that prevent damage to the camera.

The latest models of Dropcam Pro include interactive intercom systems that allow you to speak through the camera to anyone at the home.

While the video above demonstrates how the homeowner used the intercom to scare the burglar out of his house, this feature is also excellent for giving instruction to delivery drivers dropping a package at your front door while you are not home.

Another excellent use for the intercom feature is to ask for the identity of people who knock on your door while you’re out – or in the backyard and to remind your children to do their homework after school.

Thousands of parents are using Dropcam as a baby monitor and baby-sitter monitor while they are at work or in a different room.

Dropcam also signals you on your Smartphone – whether you have Apple or Android – when your home is breached.

Some people found that watching their pets sleep was rather boring and turned their Dropcam around to face the street.

This article in the New York Times details all the interesting things that they discovered about their neighborhood. The author discusses how they helped others because they had video of various incidents.

Dropcam Pro is the ideal solution for people who are renting or are in the military and contracts may be prohibitive if they were to move.

Dropcam Pro is also ideal for taking with you on vacation and leaving in your room while you are out sightseeing.

Just hook it up to your laptop and it’s ready to go.

What Dropcam Pro does not offer is noise alarms or monitoring services. If you feel that adding a noise alarm for your home is important to you, then you would need to choose a company that offers this type of service.