FrontPoint Security

Short Summary

  • Reliable and ready to go right out of the box; you can simply set it up solo rather than scheduling a technician’s visit.
  • The equipment is 100 percent wireless with interactive monitoring trusted by most of the users for its reliability.
  • Licensed to operate in all fifty states
  • It features the GE Simon XT control panel, intuitive and efficient for the user, and with a 24 hour backup.
  • Better Business Bureau rates with a flawless A+
  • Try it for 30 free days at no risk with a money-back trial

FrontPoint security boasts outstanding customer service around the clock, making it the most popular choice by consumers. The equipment is entirely wireless, and the company provides interactive monitoring to ensure your family’s continued safety.

With the risk-free trial and low monthly price, it is not difficult to see why the BBB awarded it’s A+ rating, or why consumer reviews resound so positively!


FrontPoint is definitely the best wireless alarm system provider based on our expert reviews.

They provide monitoring via cellular networks for all packages, as well as web/remote access, all for an extremely competitive price.

Pros at a glance:

  • Superior Customer Service
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Cellular Monitoring
  • Remote access via Web
  • BBB rating of A+

Possible Con:

  • Limited Warranty (only 2 Years)

For an introductory FrontPoint Security review, take a moment to view this video:


About FrontPoint

Established in 2007 and based in Virginia, FrontPoint entered the industry with fresh ideas rather than trying to revise set procedures and old technology. With their smart technology GE Security Systems, they have quickly become one of the fastest growing providers in the nation!


FrontPoint utilizes the GE Simon XT control panel, enabling the user to connect with as many as forty separate GE alarm sensors, and up to one hundred individual Z-Wave wireless home automation devices.

With a compact size of roughly seven by six inches (two inches deep), the control panel can be easily mounted to a wall or placed on a table top.

Control Panel features:

  • LED backlit screen
  • backup battery(24 hour)
  • Spoken vocabulary of more than two hundred words
  • Extremely loud 100dB siren

Alarm Monitoring

FrontPoint offers three distinct monitoring options, all of which operate on cellular signals, meaning you do not need a landline or even an internet connection to ensure your home’s safety.

Here’s a quick overview of the three plans:

Protection Monitoring:

For just $34.99 per month, this is the most basic package

This package provides:

  • Around the clock monitoring of your alarm system via cellular networks

Interactive Monitoring:

For just $44.99 per month, this is the most popular monitoring option.

This package provides:

  • Around the clock monitoring of your alarm system via cellular networks
  • Online remote access via free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
  • Wireless light control and location services (setting reminders to arm alarms or turn off lights)
  • Patented Crash & Smash feature

Ultimate Monitoring:

For $49.99 per month, Ultimate Monitoring is the most robust monitoring option.

It provides you with the following:

  • Around the clock monitoring of your alarm system via cellular networks
  • Online remote access via free mobile apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
  • Wireless light control and location services (setting reminders to arm alarms or turn off lights)
  • Location services (setting reminders to arm alarms or turn off lights)
  • Patented Crash & Smash feature
  • Z-Wave thermostats, and Z-Wave door locks available

Frontpoint security home security packages

Customer Service

If you were to browse home security systems product reviews on consumer review pages like Yelp and Angie’s List, you would see that client reviews of FrontPoint Security will fully back up the A+ rating awarded by the BBB (click here to verify).

The friendly nature of FrontPoint’s customer service team is consistently mentioned by their satisfied clients spreading the word!


Because FrontPoint utilizes the latest GE Wireless technology (namely the GE Simon XT Wireless Alarm System), installation is an amazingly simple do-it-yourself job.

You can place the various equipment items in your home, and they will remotely program every item for you.

In a matter of minutes, you can have your alarm sensors, camera feeds, Z-Wave devices, and light control ready to command from your mobile phone!


Standard shipping of the equipment takes 3 to 5 business days. If you want to get started more quickly, you can consider these alternatives:

  • Overnight shipping for $50
  • Two day shipping for $25
  • Saturday shipping for $75


The up-front cost of your equipment will depend on several factors, including which package you select, what equipment you want, and the length of contract you choose.

With that in mind, here are the base prices for the three packages offered:

  • Safe Start Pet Package ($99,95): Includes Control Panel, 4 Door and Window Sensors and Glass Break Sensor
  • Safe Start Plus Package ($179,95): Includes Control Panel, Garage Door Sensor, Keychain Remote, Motion Sensor, and 5 Door and Window Sensors.
  • Safe Home Touch Package ($499,95): includes Touchscreen Panel, 2 Motion Sensor, 2 Light Bulb (Z-wave), 5 Door and Window Sensors, 1 Glass Break Sensor, 1 Smoke Heat Sensor and 1 Indoor Camera.


Our expert reviewers conclude that FrontPoint Security is the best option for wireless security systems. It offers great protection value for the money, and even greater customer service!

If you still need more information you can read our wireless home security system reviews or if your mind is made up, you can Get Started With Your FREE Quote Now and SAVE UP TO $300 ON EQUIPMENT

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Customer Reviews


For the first time ever, I can honestly say I’m a happy DIY guy. I’m not the handy type, so I was pretty wary of this whole self installation idea. (But hey, I figured with the thirty-day trial period, I could send the stuff back if I never got it figured out.) Not sure what I was even nervous about, because all it took was basically opening the box of equipment and placing the pieces where I wanted them. “Installation” implies something scarier, but this was a breeze.


My husband signed up with Front Point for its security system, but I’m loving my new “remote control house!”  So glad he got some of the extra bells and whistles, because now I can turn on lights, make sure the doors are locked, and adjust the heat from the cool app on my phone. I didn’t think this stuff would be so useful till I actually started using it, way cool. And when my neighbor called yesterday to say our dog had gotten out of the yard, I just told her “hang on, I’m opening t… Read more

Amy Hull

I have a brother in law who does private security for businesses, and he thought he’d “evaluate” our new Front Point system after we installed it. It actually ended up being pretty entertaining, because every time he went for something he thought would be a weak point, our system had it covered. Too funny. I think he was most surprised when he tried to tell us that a burglar could circumvent the whole system by cutting the phone line, and we got to tell him the whole system runs on cell si… Read more


Moving into my first house last month, I’ve already come to loathe the idea of waiting for service techs to come set stuff up. I had to take off an afternoon from work to have my internet installed (because the company would only give me a “window” of four hours, and I had to sit there the whole time) and another morning for cable, and another window for delivery of appliances… This stuff really ends up eating up your time! So I was really happy that Front Point Security simply sent me t… Read more

Martin B.

I’ve only been using Front Point for a few months, but as a new customer I have to say that one of the things I appreciated most was the fact that none of the customer service people tried to OVER-sell me on equipment or packages. I got someone on the phone who actually listened to me when I described my home set-up and the needs I perceived. They made some suggestions (some of which I hadn’t thought of) but never pushed me to spend extra money. As far as I’m concerned, THAT’s good custo… Read more


I had a friend who told me she’d had trouble with the cellular connections for Front Point Security, but I realized pretty quickly that she was living in a place where even her phone service was spotty. Okay, so if you live in the boondocks you’d maybe want to check your cellular capabilities before you commit to a contract, but for most of us who live where cell service isn’t an issue, this is a great service. I’m not worried about phone lines being cut to disable the alarms, and I’ve… Read more


I’m really glad I switched my security service from another company (I won’t name it, but it’s a big one) to Front Point this year. I was worried that I’d lose money by having to set up a new system of equipment, but I’m actually coming out ahead in the long term with lower monthly fees. And the biggest reason I left the other place in a fit of frustration was their awful customer service. Front Point folks know what they’re talking about and they’re always as chipper and friendly … Read more


My mom lives with us and has a lot of health problems, so I’d been looking for a medical alert kind of system for her, like an alarm she could use to call for help if something happened when we weren’t home. My husband was looking at home security systems around the same time, so we were pretty excited to see the panic pendant option available through Front Point. Now the house is save and Mom’s safe IN it, so we’re feeling like we’ve got our bases covered.


My daughter moved out of our house after high school and got an apartment near the college campus, which had me geared up with “mom-worry”… That is, I was anxious at least until I had the idea of offering to pay for Front Point Security to be installed in her apartment. She agreed that it was a good idea, including having any alarms sent as alerts to me too. So far the only event has been once when her dog pushed a door open and triggered a motion sensor, but now we both know it works. If … Read more


Talk about good value: IF you’ve got good credit and enough cash flow to pay a chunk up front, you can actually get a really good discount signing up with Front Point. I got several hundred dollars off the price of the equipment after Front Point approved my credit, and my first year contract cost less overall because I paid a heftier portion of it at the beginning. It’s definitely a case of being able to save money because you’ve got money to spend, but you definitely come out ahead.

Leo S.

I’ve been a happy Front Point client for more than three years, and I have nothing bad to say about the actual service. What did frustrate me this month was the untimely discovery that the warranty doesn’t last long enough for the equipment they provided me. When my control panel took a dive and stopped working, I went right to that warranty packet I’d saved in my file drawer, only to find that it wasn’t good any more. Come to find out, other companies have much longer warranties, but no… Read more


I’m not usually one to bother with writing reviews, but wow, am I glad we installed Front Point last month! I’d been more worried about burglary because our neighborhood has had some break-ins recently, but our Front Point system saved our lives instead of just our stuff. We’d fallen asleep with a lit candle still going in the other room, and it burned down, cracked the glass, and caught a table runner on fire. What’s scary is that the smoke detectors that came with our house never went off! But… Read more


I suppose this is what comes of not reading all the fine print, but I still don’t like to feel “tricked” when a company sticks things into the fine print that seem to counter what they advertise. Specifically, I wasn’t happy with the total bill for Front Point’s equipment, which ended up being a larger charge upfront than what I’d calculated or planned on. When I read the base prices for the various equipment packages, and got approved (thanks to good credit) for the $300 discount, I didn… Read more


I’ve enjoyed Front Point Security at my apartment for almost two years, and I just came across an added benefit that I hadn’t even thought of when I first signed up. I moved from my old apartment into a rental house, and man, I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for a whole new round of installation (or wait for somebody to come over and install the stuff). I just put all my equipment in a box, moved it with the rest of my things, and set it right back up at the new place. Uninterrupted service, an… Read more


I love the video monitoring options with my Front Point Security system! I thought I had a break in this week while I was at work, so I went straight to my video feed and discovered it was just my son on a surprise visit home from college. Now he’s got my security code so the alarm won’t go off for him again—but I was glad to be able to check so easily when I got the alert.


How often does it happen that an equipment malfunction gets converted to a positive customer review? I’m thinking not often, except maybe with Front Point Security. That’s certainly the case for me; I had a motion sensor that was going haywire, frustrating me with false alarms all the time, and I was getting pretty fired up about it. But when I called the customer service line to give them a piece of my mind, they were super helpful. Two days later I had a replacement sensor delivered to my … Read more

Lee K.

I hadn’t really appreciated my Front Point security system until I was talking to a friend that uses another company. He was complaining about the system malfunctions, the crummy customer service line, the installation process, pretty much everything. That conversation made me appreciate how smoothly my system has been running for me, from set up all the way through!

D. McKenna

I’m really liking the ability to customize my Front Point Security system. I started out with just the basic package of equipment and the medium-level monitoring system, but I’ve been adding components over the last couple years to customize the setup. Once I got the standard stuff set up and started using it, I could see better where I could use additional elements, so I just ordered some more of those and added them into the mix. Every house is different, so it’s great to be able to adap… Read more


People say you get what you pay for, but with Front Point I feel like I’m getting a lot more. Sure, it’s not the absolute cheapest company on the market (although on that end, I know I’m paying for the better quality service) but it’s way cheaper than some other companies that aren’t actually better. I did my research first, including some conversations with neighbors who have different systems, and I’m confident I got the best value for my money with Front Point. The equipment works… Read more


Unbelievable! Just nine seconds after my home alarm system went off, the monitoring agency was calling my phone to check on me! Police were right behind, and I’ve never been more glad in my life for having spent the money on this “insurance” or assurance of my family’s safety. I would feel that way even if it had been a false alarm, but this one wasn’t. Thank goodness for Front Point Security, on behalf of my whole family.


I would like to bless the heart of the customer support representative who helped me with the FrontPoint installation. I am not aware about these technical terms and I know that I was quite frustrating. However, she handled the situation pretty well and offered an excellent service to me. She also made the sure all the replacement FOBs are in my email inbox at the end of the day.


The customer support offered by FrontPoint Security is excellent. It is knowledgeable, helpful and easy to understand. I had to go through a several fixes after installing the system in order to make it perfect with my specific needs and requirements. The customer support representative provided all the instructions and I just had to follow them. I highly appreciate the service that they provided to me over the phone. I also recommend this company to anyone!

Don D.

I wanted to clarify some things before spending money on FrontPoint Security, so I decided to call FrontPoint Security and get them solved. Once I called them, they were happy to answer my concerns quickly. They did not keep me waiting at all. This customer care experience convinced me to spend my money on FrontPoint Security.


FrontPoint Security is all about simplicity and user friendliness. I can easily monitor my home through my iPhone at any time I want. I have been using it for over two months and I did not experience even a single false alarm. I am happy with the way that FrontPoint Security is treating me.


When I purchased FrontPoint Security, I got the opportunity to stay away from the hassle that is associated with pushy salesmen and their freaking fees. I could simply do it on my own without any difficulties. I am not a tech guy, but I could easily complete the installation process within one hour. All the operating instructions come along with the package and I just had to follow them. I found some issues with wireless connectivity and I gave a call to FrontPoint Security to get it clarified. … Read more


FrontPoint Security systems are amazing and this is exactly what I have been looking for over the past year. Finally I found the perfect product that I want.

Stella Moulton

When I was looking for a flexible home security system with customizable features, I came across FrontPoint Security. I could handle it according to the way I want. For instance, I wanted to monitor my home when I’m away on business trips and I could easily do it with my smartphone. They offer the best service and the pricing is very reasonable. No surprises or no hidden charges at all. Highly recommend FrontPoint Security to anyone out there.


The excellent customer support of FrontPoint Security tempted me to purchase their wireless home security system. They are really friendly and the agents know how to answer customer questions. I was able to receive straightforward answers to all the questions that I shot at them. Since my overall experience with the customer support was a positive one, I decided to choose FrontPoint Security to be my home security system. I was impressed from the very first day that I started using it. I am not … Read more

John Williams

I and my wife decided to get FrontPoint Security about two months back and we are glad we did. We were on a holiday over the last two weeks. During that time, a storm came across our house and there was no power for some time. FrontPoint system worked perfectly well during the power outage as well. I am happy with the way that it works during an emergency situation. This delivers 100% protection to your home at any time of the day.

George G

I guess this is the best home security system that anyone could ask for. It is very easy to configure, inexpensive and delivers as promised. The customer support service offered by FrontPoint Security is excellent and I get in touch with them every time I need assistance. In fact, they help me to clarify my issues and doubts very effectively

Alice S.

My experience with FrontPoint Security is not a positive one. Even though it is pretty easy to install this home security system, it is not that reliable. Why I say that is because I got three false alarms over the past month. Therefore, I cannot consider FrontPoint Security as a reliable product.

Catherine H

I have been using a wired security system over the past few years, but I decided to go wireless. After some research, I came across this company called FrontPoint Security and figured out that it is the best one available for me in the market now. Therefore, I spent my money without any hesitation to purchase FrontPoint Security. It is a powerful and an interactive home security system that can be purchased at an affordable price. On top of that, I could easily access this home security system f… Read more


I had some horrible experiences with some of the other older companies before. When I finally got rid of the old contract….I read some reviews, I figured out that FrontPoint Security is the best one that is available to cater my specific needs and requirements. I am glad that I purchased this product. It did not give me any issues at all. I would recommend this to anyone!


This is the first home security system that I have ever purchased. I went through over 100 reviews in order to select the best DIY security system and I finally ended up with FrontPoint Security. In fact, the excellent reviews about it on the Internet tempted me to purchase this security system without any hesitation. I have been using it for over a month now and I don’t have any complaints at all. It works just as it was described in the online reviews. I can easily monitor my home and I can … Read more

Charles R.

The best thing about FrontPoint Security systems is that they are wireless. A pro installer had to go through a lot of hassle when running and cutting wires and joining them when configuring my old security system. However, FrontPoint Security does not come along with such kind of trouble. I could easily set it up myself.

Dennis D

I was having a very hard time with the old security system I had in my home. That’s when my wife asked me to purchase a new one. When I was looking for a reliable home security system on the Internet, I came across FrontPoint. After reading some customer reviews, I decided to purchase it without any hesitation. I could purchase the system for an affordable price and the product came to my doorsteps in no time. On the top of everything, I could finalize the installation process within an hour. … Read more

James Greer

FrontPoint Security is the best company to deal with when you are spending your money to purchase a security system. The company sends all the instructions that are needed to install the security system. It took only 60 minutes to finalize the installation process and get a brand spanking new security system for my home. This is the best security company on the market and I highly recommend FrontPoint Security to anyone looking for the best!

Kenneth M

I have been using the FrontPoint Security system for two weeks now and I am very satisfied with it. I could easily install it and the system works perfectly well. Now I have peace of mind because of this wireless security system monitors my entire home!

Joy Farmer

I wanted to purchase a DIY wireless security system as I never wanted strangers to come into my place and install a security system. When I was looking for such a DIY security system, I came across FrontPoint. I was a bit hesitant to purchase it at the very first moment as I didn’t have any idea whether I could install it on my own or not. However, I found the installation process as a pretty simple one. All the operating instructions are provided along with the package. I found myself having… Read more


Wow! The system is amazing! I am not a tech person, but I could easily install it with minimum hassle. If you are looking for a user friendly DIY home security system, this is the best product available out there on the market

Melinda H

Was looking for a home security system for a while and read multiple reviews online. Soon it became pretty obvious which one to choose. So I chose FrontPoint and I couldn’t be happier with the security system and their customer service.

Frances Tice