Short Summary

  • Security system is entirely wireless, with two-way touch screen control panel
  • Low monthly rates start at only $49.99
  • Free mobile app provides complete control of home automation and security
  • Vivint is the nation’s leading provider of affordable home automation

Vivint offers security for your home, along with the capability to monitor and manage additional aspects of your home.
With a cutting edge two-way touch screen control panel that can be downloaded directly to a smart phone or tablet, you will be amazed at the fine control you have over your own home.
With Vivint you can select from several packages, including home security, energy management, and home automation, or any combination of the three.


Vivint is a great option if you are looking for home security as well as home automation and energy management.
Combining these functions in a package that includes your security system can be a great way to streamline your home management practices from a centralized control.

Pros at a glance:

  • Latest Wireless Technology
  • Touch screen Control Panel
  • Affordable in terms of home automation
  • Home Automation, energy management, and smart phone!

Possible Con:

  • Low ratings for customer service
  • As a relatively new alarm system equipment manufacturer, Vivint is not yet rated by the Better Business Bureau


Founded in 1997 under the name of APX Alarm, Vivint is based in Provo, Utah. They are the nation’s largest home automation provider, serving customers in Canada as well as the United States.

Security Equipment

Vivint utilizes an all-in-one system known as GoControl, which incorporates home automation, home security, and energy management.
The company also partners with 2Gig Technologies, thereby providing the only cellular two-way touch screen control panel on the market.

Vivint Security Monitoring

Vivint offers three distinct packages with different combinations of features, alarm sensors, and home automation products.

Here’s a quick overview of the plans:

Home Security Package: for $49.99 per month, this package includes:

  • cellular alarm monitoring
  • remote access to your alarm system via the Web
  • monitoring for burglaries or break-ins
  • monitoring for fire and medical emergencies
  • two way voice capabilities

Energy Management Package:for $57.99 per month, this package includes:

  • automated lights
  • automated thermostats
  • automated locks
  • remote access to system controls via web or mobile apps

Home Automation Package: for $67.99per month, this package includes all the elements of the other packages:

  • security
  • home automation
  • energy management
  • surveillance
  • remote access to ALL system controls via web or mobile apps

Customer Service

Vivint has had some historical problems with inefficient customer service, but the company has been working to address these previous issues. They now provide phone support as well as online tutorials of products, and offer outstanding service from sale to installation to activation and ongoing support.
If you are reading reviews, check their dates; you will likely find that more recent comments are appreciative of the improved service!


Vivint provides a full service professional installation of your alarm system. Most homeowners appreciate being relieved of the hassle of sorting out and installing all the alarm sensors, home automation and energy management devices, and surveillance products.


Vivint offers three packages from which you can choose:

Home Security Package starts at a $99 activation fee and includes:

  • 1 GoControl Panel
  • 3 Door and Windows Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Yard Sign

Energy Management package starts at a $149 activation fee and includes:

  • 1 Smart Thermostat
  • 1 Lamp/Appliance Control
  • 12 Energy Efficient Light bulbs.
  • Optional additional Security Products can be added to this package

Home Automation Package starts at a $199 activation fee and includes:

  • 1 GoControl Panel
  • 3 Door and Windows Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Yard Sign
  • 1 Smart Thermostat
  • 1 Lamp/Appliance Control
  • 12 Energy Efficient Light bulbs.
  • 1 Automatic Door Lock
  • 1 Video Camera


Vivint is the best home security system choice for homeowners who want to mix and match the management elements of a secure and automated home. Rather than turning to separate providers for various functions, you can combine all of your management in a single investment (and control it all from a single app)!
With its improving Vivint positive reviews of customer service and a wide model of distribution, Vivint is definitely taking its place among top providers.
If your mind is made up, you can Get Started With Your FREE Quote Now!
This concludes out Vivint reviews. If you would prefer a DIY wireless security system, then we suggest reading either Frontpoint Security or Protect America reviews, our top-two rated DIY wireless security system providers in the nation.

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